So chin up darling and we'll drown a little slower...


I can’t stress enough how important it is that you surround yourself with supportive people who make you feel important and special, and who enhance your life with their presence. If their presence is making you feel worse instead of better, re-evaluate why you’re letting them stay.

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I wrote it for you. I wrote it for you and you loved it without a single clue that it was about you. My heart aches and my body is stone as I contemplate the reasons I don’t let you know. Maybe it’s because it wouldn’t make a difference if I did. Maybe it’s because this way, I can still hold out a sliver of hope that it would. Or maybe it’s because I have found comfort in the arms of denial—denial about the possibility that it really doesn’t matter how kind or giving or loving I am, maybe your heart simply wasn’t made to love me.

—dw | I’d rather we both stay in the dark (via dwalksauce)

do not let them label you.
do not let them tell you who you are.
maybe all that you are does not fit into the gender binary.
maybe you cannot shrink your identity to fit in the small little square box of male or female.
maybe your love is too vast for the term heterosexual.
maybe your body doesn’t comply to the words fat or thin.
maybe you can’t fit in a size zero or a size double zero.
maybe you can.
maybe you don’t fit into the term white cisgender heterosexual male.
maybe you do.
maybe you can’t shove who you are into feminine or masculine.
just know that everything you are and everything you can be is enough.
beauty is not confined in adjectives.
important does not live in the space between words that describe you.
human does not exist in a definition of what you are supposed to be.
women do not have to be trapped in the word pretty.
in the words
men do not have to be strong.
they do not have to fight.
who you are is not imprisoned in a label.
the measure of your worth does not lie inside sexuality, or gender, or weight, or skin color.
your home is not in a category.
you are not standing in front of a crossroads
being offered two choices
be this, don’t be this,
this is all you can be,
go left or right.
you can take the road less traveled.
take the road with the sign with your name on it,
blaze your own trail
and leave everyone that tells you that you can’t
behind you in the dust.
tear the boxes apart,
rip off the labels,
burn down the stigma.
shred the double standards.
shatter the stereotypes.
you are enough.

“Labels,” // (s.k.) | (via drunk-en-pastels)

Sometimes, broken doesn’t mean it wants to be fixed. I’ve been dropped and cracked so many times, the strongest love couldn’t join my jagged edges back together if it tried. I’m a walking paradox; I want to get better, but I refuse to be saved.

—S.B. (via fallinlovewithapoet)

You were my everything.
Everything. Every breath,
every action, was all for you.
But you took me for granted.
And you still do.
So when you realize that
your shadow is no longer attached
to your hip please do not
go looking for me.

Because you won’t find me.

—a.r.a | Peter Pan (via esorylla)

You can’t hide anymore.
It’s too late, I see you.

—The only 10 words he needed to take my breath away. (via oceanflowerbird)